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Toddler's Peach Belle Sandals with Butterfly Accent

Toddler's Peach Belle Sandals with Butterfly Accent

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  1. Size: Designed for toddlers, these sandals fit within the range of US sizes 7 to 10, suitable for ages 2.5 to 5 years.

  2. Age Group: Specifically crafted for young children, providing a playful yet secure style for little ones.

  3. Color: The sandals feature a peach color, offering a soft, versatile hue that complements many outfits.

  4. Type: Belle sandals, characterized by their open design, suitable for warm weather and easy wearing.

  5. Design Details:

    • Decorated with a glittery gold butterfly ornament on the ankle strap, creating a focal point of whimsy and charm.
    • The butterfly is paired with a delicate mesh bow, adding a subtle texture contrast to the glossy finish of the sandals.
  6. Comfort and Fit:

    • Equipped with a hook and loop closure for a customizable and secure fit, easy for little hands to manage.
    • The back strap provides additional support to keep the sandals on active feet.
  7. Functionality:

    • The thick sole offers cushioning and may provide shock absorption for playtime activities.
    • The tread on the bottom of the sandals appears to be designed for traction, reducing slip risks.
  8. Construction:

    • The sole's edge has a contrasting white layer, adding durability and a fashionable touch to the design.
    • Constructed with materials that are likely easy to clean, an important feature for maintaining appearance with active toddler use.
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